Event Ticket Mockup

Low Quality Placeholder Event Ticket Mockup
Low Quality Placeholder Event Ticket Mockup

Unleash your creative potential and make your event tickets, boarding passes, or movie ticket design presentations stand out with our free Event Ticket Mockup. This premium complimentary product features a realistic scene that flawlessly represents your design in a stunning and vibrant way. Our Event Ticket Mockup boasts an optimum size of 5.5×2 inches, making it the perfect canvas to present your creativity. It also comes in a high-resolution 3000x2000px – offering crystal clear images that ensure your design stands out. No need to worry about background interference, as this mockup features an isolated shadow and background. This makes your design the focus and highlights the brilliance of your craft. You’ll get two PSD files to work with, making it possible to craft diverse designs in a single mockup. With your convenience in mind, we have incorporated smart objects into our PSD file that quickly replaces your design onto the Event Ticket Mockup. Furthermore, this high-quality and exclusive mockup is a Photoshop PSD file, ensuring compatibility with standard designing software. Key Features:

  • Free Download
  • Perfect for presenting events, boarding passes, movie ticket design
  • Photorealistic scene
  • High-resolution 3000x2000px
  • Isolated shadow & background
  • 02 PSD File
  • Quick replace using smart object
  • Free premium quality mockup
  • Photoshop PSD file
  • High-quality exclusive mockup

This product, absolutely free to download, epitomizes the joy of getting more for less. Our event ticket mockup is a clear testament to our commitment to offer free mockups that are both high-quality and easy to use. Finally, we believe that simplicity should not compromise quality. Therefore, even as we offer free ticket mockups, we do so without sacrificing the quality standard of our product. Make a statement with your event tickets, and let our free Event Ticket Mockup help you do just that. So go ahead, download it today!

Quick Details

Published: Feb 13, 2024 File Size: 99 MB

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Product Specs

Last Update:
February 13th, 2024

File Format:
Photoshop PSD


Compatible with:
Adobe Photoshop


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